Supporting Children who are Victims of Abuse...

Child Abuse Donations

Child Abuse Services Offered at Child Protect - Montgomery, AL

Child Protect is a children's advocacy center that provides a non-threatening site where a Multi-disciplinary Team is used to minimize trauma for victims of child abuse. Addressing and counseling both sexual child abuse and physical child abuse is the advocacy's main focus. Child Protect receives referrals from Department of Human Resources and law enforcement agencies. Services are provided at no charge to families in Montgomery, Autauga, Elmore, and Chilton Counties. Child Protect is designed to meet the child's need for warmth, support and protection by providing a friendly, non-threatening environment where children are interviewed about the abuse.

After a report of is made to proper authorities, the child is brought to Child Protect by a protective family member, friend or law enforcement to be interviewed. The forensic interviewer, a person with special training in investigation interviewing, talks to the child. The interviewer may use anatomical dolls and drawings to aid in the interviewing process and collecting information. A video tape is used to reduce the number of times and the number of people the child had to tell what happened.

In addition, Child Protect provides other services. The agency provides counseling for children who are referred by the Multi-disciplinary Team. Child Advocacy is also provided to support the child and family through the criminal court process.